Unit Development

ICON Building Solutions specializes in the Design & Construction of Unit developments. Our work ranges from simple Dual Occupancy (Dwelling at the rear of an existing) through to complex construction of Multiple Residential Unit Developments.  We are able to assist you at any stage of your Development.  Whether you already have Town Planning organised, or you are just at the enquiry stage of your Development we can assist you.

We have a 100% success rate for Town Planning approval.

Our key to success is simple:

– We have long-lasting relationships with Town Planners across all councils in Melbourne
– We have advanced knowledge regarding ever changing laws which affect your Developments
– We work on the design on the Development very carefully, ensuring we comply with Victoria’s overall Development plans, as well as the local Councils plans

To ensure successful Town Planning Applications, we meet with Town Planners prior to lodging Applications.  This shows we respect the wishes of the Council and we are willing to work together and compromise to achieve a successful application.
Our team is particularly skilled at dealing with difficult developments which can require a stronger approach when dealing with Councils.  Our Directors have represented clients at VCAT on numerous occasions with successful outcomes.
A key to a successful Development is in the Town Planning Application.

Our process for Town Planning is simple, and effective:

Site Inspection: including key development considerations such as on site vegetation, adjacent development, site context, access, and the nature of nearby development.
Preliminary Arboricultural Assessment: to assess the condition and value of trees on subject site or adjacent neighbouring properties.  This report will also evaluate the impact of development on trees to be retained.
Preliminary Sketch & Assessment: to assess the site’s capacity to accommodate the proposed development and consider the restrictions on site.  We consider planning regulations, standard res-code requirements, policies, neighbourhood character provisions & local strategies.
Pre-application meeting: between our Chief Architect Designer and an official representing the specific Council involved in the Development.  Discussions will include background controls and policies, history of nearby applications, and key issues to be addressed.
Summary Statement: indicates potential success of the application and how we can proceed.
If we collectively believe that the Development has a high chance of success, we will proceed to the next stage.
Assuming Stage 1 is successful, we launch into full Town Planning Drawings in preparation for lodgement.
Site Analysis Assessment: Location of surrounding buildings showing all windows and the spread of vegetation on adjoining properties within 9 meters of the boundary.
Preliminary Design: Based on findings from the Project Planning Assessment and your ideas from the proposal, we shall produce a Preliminary Design.
Detailed Design: Upon consultation with you, we will produce a detailed design for submission to Council.  This will include Neighbourhood and Site Description plan, Ground and First Floor plans drawn to scale, detailed elevations, design response plan, shadow impact assessment and overlooking diagram.
Application report: this detailed report by our office outlining the 34 ResCode requirements and any other local laws within the Council planning scheme.


Fees for Stage 1 and Stage 2 are separate and will vary depending upon the scope of work required.  We offer a fixed price for our Town Planning.  This means that it doesn’t matter how many times we have to go back and forth with relevant Councils, or change Town Planning Drawings to meet regulations or client’s needs, we will not charge you an hourly rate.  Town Planning is a lengthy process which can take generally between 8-12 months for an application to get approved.  A fixed price ensures no hidden surprises to you during this process so we can all focus on getting your development approved.

Why should you speak to our consultants about Unit development?

At ICON Building Solutions although we design & build for our customers, we are also a developer with a proven track record in executing medium to large scale projects. Over the years, we have completed a multitude of developments to generate the desired profit outcome by achieving the maximum town planning yield and executing construction on-time and within budget.

Our in house Registered Architectural Building Designer has successfully produced many landmark developments throughout Melbourne. Through years of experience working closely with our Consultants and Builders on site, our in house Building Designer will consider the cost of construction when designing every unit. As a result, we can “Value Manage” your development from the design stage to ensure it can be completed within budget.

Our Building & Design Consultants are experienced in development.  We simplify the complexity and uncertainty of Unit Developments by providing current, accurate and transparent advice. If you have already completed town planning, our Consultants will focus on assisting you to gather the appropriate documentation required for a comprehensive quote. Using our experience, we provide you with a budget estimate before you complete working drawings & engineering for your project.

Unit developments require substantial work on site to complete the project up to Council compliance. The designs produced through town planning are often highly articulated and structurally complex to build. Furthermore, unit development sites are generally overdeveloped and therefore site management also requires knowledge and skill. Our Builders, suppliers and contractors are experienced with this complex scope of work and can execute such projects effectively to minimize error on site, increase efficiency and reduce construction time.